Reach your Demo Day goal
Quantified goals are a great way to rally your team behind clear and ambitious targets. Here is how they work at YC.
The YC secret sauce?
At the beginning of your batch, partners help you set one goal and one target. Then you have to reach it by Demo Day.

1. Define your KPI

Choose only one, clear, KPI.

If you have multiple or complex ones understanding whether your work had a positive or negative impact becomes challenging.

Choose one KPI between:
• Revenue
• Active users
• Milestones

2. Find your persona

Find a group of people that are close to your initial target and that are really enjoying your product. Study carefully their behavior to understand the reasons for such a successful journey

3. Build your design committee

Carefully select the most strategic users, with respect to your vision, among the ones identified in step 2.
Put in place a design committee with them to get feedback and feature requests.

At June we did that by offering 1 year at a discounted, fixed price plus a monthly coaching session.

4. Ship and measure

Ship fast and measure the impact, especially on your design committee. If they don't like your latest release iterate on it or kill it.
Make sure that your committee is happy

Start measuring now 🎯 helps you measure Sign ups, Active Users, and other engagement metrics in 2-clicks. Just connect Segment, Freshpaint or our SDK

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